Saturday, January 27, 2018

Terminator Times #41

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones):

A second drone has been found at the Joint Ft Worth training facility.

DARPA has completed its second phase of its CODE swarming demo.

The US Army is working with engineering plastics for 3d printable drones.

The US Air Force wants Grey Wolf missiles that are cheap to produce and take advantage of swarming technologies.

The US Air Force awarded General Atomics a contract to upgrade Reapers.

The USAF has greatly increased the number of Reapers in Kandahar.

The US Navy wants to have General Atomics fly its own MQ-9 Reapers in Afghanistan.

The US Navy also wants Northrop to install sense and above tech on its MQ-4C Tritons.

The US Navy has denied Iranian drones chased a destroyer out of the Gulf of Oman.

The Royal Canadian Navy has outlined its plans for a UAV.

China will launch its improved Wing Loong UAV this year.

France will evaluate Airbus' unmanned helicopter for use on future frigates with an eye towards reducing risk.

A Chinese Wing Loon I has been spotted at a Pakistani airbase.

Three Chinese Wing Loong IIs have been spotted in the UAE, indicating the UAE was the export launch customer.

The Czech MoD wants to procure a UCAV.

Iranian UAV missions are increasing in the Persian Gulf.

The Russians suffered an attack by a number of drones in Syria.  More info emerged.  The Russians claim they countered with smart shells fired from artillery.  Who is responsible for the attack?  IS claims it, but...  The Russian media has stated the US military is supporting IS against Russia, including during the attack: the US denied any participation.  The attack itself signals a big change in warfare.

Turkey and Indonesia are set to develop a MALE UAV together.

Why does Boeing's MQ-25 prototype appear so stealthy?  New photos appeared of Boeing's bird in St Louis.

British Aerospace's MAGMA drone has piqued a lot of interest.

CMI outlined its plans for integrating UAVs into its turrets.

General Atomics demonstrated an autonomous take off and landing capability with the MQ-9B.

Kratos has entered a secret UAV into production with a $23 million contract from an unnamed US government agency.

Leonardo is set to lead the EU's maritime drone demo.

UVision is testing an extended range Hero loitering munition.

Should drone swarms be countered with prop driven fighters?

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Ogres & Bolos):

ARI has selected an Australian company's tech for its UGV comms.

HDT will deliver 20 UGVs for the US Army for evaluation.

Milrem demoed its THEMIS UGV's autonomy.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (robo boats):

The US Navy will work with Textron to arm the CUSVs being developed.

The US Navy is ramping up testing of USVs.

Rolls Royce has proposed a concept USV that launches VTOL UAVs.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (robo subs):

The US believes the leaked Russian Status-6 nuclear armed UUV is be a real threat.  The weapon is intended as a 'third strike.'

The US Navy will begin training operators for large UUVs.

The US Navy sent a document on their UUV program to congress.

Houthi rebels celebrate capturing the US Navy UUV.


Don't fear the robopocalypse!

The US Army wants robotic combat vehicles.

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