Thursday, March 01, 2018

Did Russia Actually Build Project Pluto?!

Putin also spoke of a small nuclear-powered engine that could be fitted to what he said were low-flying, highly maneuverable cruise missiles, giving them a practically unlimited range.

The new engine meant Russia was able to make a new type of weapon - nuclear missiles powered by nuclear rather than conventional fuel.

“Nothing like it in the world exists,” Putin told the audience. “At some point it will probably appear (elsewhere) but by that time our guys will have devised something else.”

This sounds like Project Pluto.

Gawd, let's hope that it's not.  However, given where Russia's tech is at, something that was feasible in the 1950s/60s would be right up their alley.

Update:  A source from the five sided building states the Russian version of Project Pluto is real and powered by a unshielded nuclear reactor.  There was supposedly a crash in the Arctic by a prototype not too long ago and the project is still in development rather than ready for deployment.

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