Sunday, April 01, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Sources Report Reason for Kim Jung Un's Trip to China

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with the Chinese President on a surprise trip to Beijing this week, state media in both countries confirmed Wednesday, his first visit abroad since he took power in 2011.

Images broadcast on Chinese state television CCTV showed Kim nervous and concerned, urgently meeting with Xi Jinping and other Chinese officials during the trip. The trip took place from March 25 to 28, with Kim and his entourage traveling by train and spending two nights in Beijing.

Sources state Kim made the trip to Beijing because he needed to personally request the help of President Xi to contain an ambiguous problem in the test site named Neoguli Siti run by the Huichon Institute of Virology and Evolution jointly with the Usan Corporation.

The problem is of an unknown nature, but the North Korean military has been noted by the South Koreans to be withdrawing from the DMZ to Huichon. US satellite imagery has confirmed the move and rapid concentration of North Korean forces in an encirclement around Huichon and Neoguli Siti.

Analysts said the visit was likely seeking help, potentially military in nature, from China, its traditional ally and major trading partner, which had soured in recent years.

State media acknowledged the visit, but did not officially disclose the reason behind trip.

Anonymous sources from the Pentagon have noted People's Liberation Army units have started being entrained. Whether or not these forces will be sent to North Korea remains to be seen.  

The White House has stated it is watching the situation closely.

Note the date, folks.

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