Monday, July 16, 2007

Presidential Fund Raising Update


Giuliani R $17,351,837.48
Romney R $13,917,800.57
McCain R $11,165,982.43
Paul R $2,364,328.41
Tancredo R $1,465,701.42
Brownback R $1,397,658.38
Hunter R $796,282.68
Huckabee R $747,117.86
Thompson R $440,279.96
Gilmore R $176,096.16

Obama D $32,904,746.57
Clinton D $26,720,346.30
Edwards D $9,029,757.99
Richardson D $6,946,213.48
Dodd D $3,091,936.44
Biden D $2,318,438.67
Kucinich D $756,517.82
Gravel D $140,509.51

Also please see the first quarter list. There's some interesting bits here. First off is that the republicans in general are in trouble. Not that we didn't know that before, but this time we can see it via the monetary donations. The fourth place Republican, Ron paul, has only raised as much money as the 6th place Democrat. The top two Democrats raised more money than all the Republicans combined: that's bad. Additionally, it looks like from the trend here, that McCain is slipping in viability even without including the recent staff issues. Also, it's frakkin spooky that Ron Paul has such a high placement at all in fund raising race. At least I don't consider him as nuts as Kucinich!


Anonymous said...

Focus more on winning the nomination. If Ron Paul loses the nomination, it won't matter who gave what. Become a delegate in your state!

Anonymous said...

I'd like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to join up as running mates.Those two are the only ones talking about the housing bubble, the devaluation of the dollar, oh yes, the imminent presence of Peak Oil

Will Baird said...

I'd like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to join up as running mates.

That'd be an ideologically opposed ticket. lol. They might spontaneously burst into flame from being on the same ticket!