Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paleoclimate Working Group Note: Getting the Word Out

Dear Members of the CCSM Paleoclimate Working Group:

We need to prepare the paleoclimate part of the upcoming CSL computer allocation proposal. We would like to give you the opportunity to submit your request for computer time to carry out proposed CCSM paleoclimate simulations. Therefore we would like the following information from you:

- Title of your proposed simulation

- A statement as to whether the simulation is a development simulation or a production simulation. In order to qualify as a development simulation, the proposed run must involve the implementation of a new feature in the CCSM and the testing of such a feature.

- A paragraph (200 words or less) describing the scientific justification for the proposed simulation

- The resolution of the CCSM3 version, e.g. T31X3, T42X1, T85X1 or stand alone CAM3, or POP, etc. We need the resolution to calculate the required computational resource.

- The length of the integration in simulated years. If you plan on doing multiple runs, then the length in years of each run and the total requested number of simulated years

We need this information by August 10th, so that we can prioritize the proposed simulations, prepare the paleo write-up for the larger CCSM CSL proposal, and give this material to the SSC. We will attempt to meet your proposed request for time, but the final request is dependent upon how much time we can put into the paleo part of the proposal.

Thank you for you participation in the Paleo Working Group.

Jeffrey Kiehl Zhenyu Liu

Co- Chairs of the CCSM Paleoclimate Working Group

CCSM-Paleoclimate mailing list

From my inbox. IDK how many of my readers are interested - or capable - of running paleoclimate simulations, but if you are, please, join the paleoclimate mailing list and reply to Dr Kiehl.

If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T WASTE HIS TIME. or Dr Liu's either.

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