Friday, August 14, 2009

Team Phoenicia: Once More with Feeling (alas)

I really did NOT want to have to make this appeal again. It's frustrating and I put it off because I didn't want to do this at all. However, i am going to have to ask for the paypal drive again. The X Prize Foundation increased the entry fee from $1k to $7k. I don't have $7k. Not even close. To make matters worse, we have a baby due on September 7th, so what money I do have I have to be careful with.

The level of competition that we are competing for - the second level in the Lunar Lander Challenge- is likely to be closed out this year.: there are enough competitors that will probably fly for the level two competition that we need to fly or we're not likely to get our chance to secure a prize. The PR from this is really needed so we can go onto the Google Lunar X Prize. Ironically, and amusingly, this is the one year that the X Prize Foundation really would get the benefit of having a singular event rather than the competition season. Ah well.

I realize that times are tight. However, if people would please contribute, whatever you can, through the pay-pal link on the main team site, it'd be awesomely appreciated. Bloggers, if you would, please, go a bit viral and spread the word. I know a number of you get much, much higher traffic than I do. The team blog is here, btw.

Thank you all again.

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