Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Team Phoenicia: Paypal Drive


Last year, all of you were quite generous to help out with the paypal drive for Team Phoenicia by placing a post on your blogs. Some of you even gave money as well. For those that did, I am doubly thankful. This year we have been even more successful in raising backers for Team P and in some cases they have been spectacular coupes: AirGas is the greatest one. However, /none/ of our backers have been ones that have provided us with cash. It's come out my pocket and those that supported us last year.

This year the X Prize Foundation has raised the entry fee to $7k from $1k. I cannot cover that. While I am begging as fast as I can, ahem, asking for monetary support for our team from sponsors, we are running out of time: we have until September 14th to submit our paperwork. And fees.

Our rockets have made great progress. The Wind at Dawn is virtually complete. The last pieces should be in place in the next week or so. The Pale Glow of the Stars is nearing completion as well: tanks are on their way. The Bright Flash of Chicxulub is being manufactured now. We are so close, folks, to flying the rockets. And, yes, we are building multiple ones so we may have some chance of one making it: rockets are prone to crashing, even when flown by the pros...and we've been learning vast amounts, but still not /quite/ a pro yet.

Those that do will get a mention on the blog and their name on one of the tanks proportional to their contribution. Twenty dollars will get you a 1 cm by 2 cm name on the side of the centerline RP-1 tanks we are reserving for this.

The team blog is here and the team website is here. We are participating in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

If we go over the $7k, there is always more to pay for and with Baby Baird due in about 2 weeks...

Thank you all: to contribute click below or go to the team website.

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