Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ukraine: Swirling of Patterns

The clashes in the east intensified.  Today a helicopter was shot down and 14 to 16 soldiers died.  Inclusive was an Ukrainian general.  It was downed by a MANPADS.

There were other clashes between the LGM and Ukrainians. The largest was near Lugansk at Oleksandrivsk.  The LGM apparently destroyed supply depots of equipment before being beaten back.

Interestingly, in Donetsk especially, the different factions of the LGM are turning on one another.  One group attacked another and after a brief battle captured and still holds the survivors.

There are reports of some LGM attempting to cross back into Russia.  Those are dwarfed by the much largest numbers coming across into Ukraine: last count over 50 large trucks worth, potentially up to 2000.

Latest report is the Russians really are pulling back from the border.  

Poroshenko will be inaugurated on June 7th.

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