Monday, June 02, 2014

Ukraine: Clashes Within the Pattern

The videos above were from the battle between the border guards and the LGM.  It seems that there were wounded, even critically, but no immediate fatalities.

There are intense battles in Slavyansk, Lugansk and Kramatorsk going on right now.  

The number of foreigners which have come into Eastern Ukraine have, by reliable sources, now exceeded 10,000 men.  The total killed by the Ukrainian army, as claimed by the Ukrainian Army, is 500. 

The LGM have taken over Shakhtarsk as well.

Rumors have it the LGM are employing IEDs in buildings and on the road. 

In Lugansk there was something odd.  An RPG was fired into a building which killed some of the pro russian shadow government.  It killed a number of passersby as well.  It seems to have been fired by another faction of the pro russians.

The Russians introduced a quixotic resolution to the UN to have safe passages for food & relief in eastern Ukraine.  They vetoed this for Syria.  I wonder what they are thinking will find safe passage, eh?  

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