Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ukraine: More Grinding Patterns

In Donetsk Oblast the Ukrainains took Avdiyivka, Debaltseve and Ilovaisk.  Debaltseve is the most notable because it controls the M03/M04 highway interchange.  My bet is Krasniy Luch is coming up very, very soon.  Once that has been taken, Donetsk's rebels will have serious problems.

The corridor between the border and the Ukrainian held territory was opened by the Ukrainian Army.  I had been wondering if the maps were accurate which I were seeing, showing positions and whatnot.  The Ukrainian army has successfully cut off the DNR from the LNR.

I have to wonder whether the Ukrainian army will then turn on the remainder of the DNR or try to take Krasnodon.  I'd lean towards the former.  If they could free up their troops from dealing with the DNR, they have a chance at faster progress with the LNR.

It is not to say there is no fighting elsewhere.  Its happening all over the place.  

This map may be of interest.

The rebels have attempted several coutnerattacks, but none have been successful.

Russia remains Russia.  It has continued trying to infiltrate equipment and supporting the rebels with artillery.

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