Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ukraine: Patterns of Advancement and Anxiety

Today was both frustrating and hopeful.

17 hostages in Gorlovka were freed.  OTOH, the huge chemical factory in Gorlovka was set on fire.  

The Ukrainians took the town of Stepanivka.

The Russians captured a Ukrainian border patrol which was on the Ukrainian side of the line.  The Russians continue to fire heavy artillery barrages on the Ukrainian army and border patrol.  

The Russians violated Ukrainian airspace today as well.

The Russians have massed very large amounts of equipment and soldiers on their side of the border.   Whether this is for their own use or for the rebels is not known.

The rebel attempts at counter offensives have as far I can tell fallen flat.

The rebels have started opening fire, small arms and some artillery, at the Russians.  This is looking increasingly like a planned justification for intervention since the rebels are being crushed.

The US and EU imposed more sanctions.  These are still targeted rather than sectoral.

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