Friday, August 22, 2014

Gorlovka Evac Fundraiser Day 7

This will be the last post asking for help getting our contacts out of Gorlovka.   We have raised a total of $1,750 out of the $5,000 we hoped.
The good news is we have enough to get them out of the town.  The problem is what to do afterwards.  Our original plan was to remove them from Gorlovka to a new destination outside of Ukraine.  We would set them up somewhere not to be disclosed, but definitely safe and then start their paperwork for immigrating.
We can get them out of the current warzone, but past that...not much more.  Please don't think we're not putting in money of our own.  As much as we can (around the same amount to be raised) is going to be used for this.
Please use my email address (anzhalyu at gmail There are no dots or other characters, just to warn you except for the obvious final extension) for both questions and where to send the funds to on paypal. I can take cryptocurrencies, but, please, email me first. That's a little more complicated.
Anyone who has contributed may ask for any blog post they wish. I'll whip one up almost immediately.
I will put up two more posts, both on sunday, and that will be it.  I'll still take contributions, but not bother the blog readers.
Thank you for your help.

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