Friday, August 29, 2014

Ukraine: The Boiling Anuran Froth

As the Russians push deeper into Ukraine, the Ukrainians have begun reacting. its not merely a panic, but its not a cohesive response yet.

In Mariupol, the people and National Guard have started digging in, preparing for the defense.

Outside of Mariupol, Ukrainian troops retreated from Novoazovsk.

A local counterattack took place at Komsomol'ske in the Donetsk Oblast.  

Supposedly, Ilovaysk was reinforced as well.

Ukrainian troops were ambushed in Debaltseve though.

Ukraine lost at least one Su-25.  The rebels have claimed downing four.
Rumors are the Russian troops in Novoazovsk have orders to roll all the way to Odessa.  The Russian offensive is continuing. 

Putin is getting out there with some of his statements.   Despite his statements to let the Ukrainians to retreat, anything but is happening: in fact, a 'corridor' was opened and once some Ukrainian troops went in, artillery began to fall.  At least 100 were killed.

Poland  refused permission for Russia's Minister of Defense's aircraft to enter its airspace.

JPMorgan Chase suggests if the situation deteriorates more then Russia might face a 'Lehman-style shock.'

There are moments when I have to think this is the Spanish Civil War writ 21st Century.

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