Thursday, November 12, 2015

Putin Delusional, Believes European Missile Defense Aimed at Russian Nuclear Arsenal

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday pledged Russia would build weapons that could pierce any anti-missile shield as he accused the United States and its allies of looking to shackle Moscow's nuclear capabilities.

"As we have repeatedly said, we will focus... on offensive systems capable of overcoming any anti-missile defence systems," Putin said at a government meeting on the defence industry in the Black Sea city of Sochi.

Russia has been locked in a feud for years over NATO plans to build a missile-defence system in Europe that it says is aimed against Iran but Moscow says is really directed at Russia.

"References to the Iranian and North Korean nuclear missile threats are a cover-up," Putin said.

The "true intentions" of the missile shield were aimed "at neutralising the strategic nuclear potential" of Russia, he said.


The Russian arsenal is too big to stop entirely.   At best it would stop the ability to fire single nuclear weapons.

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