Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ukraine War Update: Они сделали завалы и назвал его мир, лягушка.

Fighting is pretty much ongoing around Donetsk and Gorlovka.  This past week, a school was destroyed in Gorlovka by a GRAD volley.  This could indicate the UAF has started matching fire for fire or its possible its the DNR pulling a stunt again.  They have been shown to bombard their own people, lightly, for propaganda purposes.  At one point, the OSCE, the largely useless twits, recorded a total 155 explosions in a 24 hour period.  However, this is from a single observation point in Donetsk, rather than in Gorlovka or elsewhere.

Today, the OSCE heard 109 explosions in 19 minutes alone in Donetsk.  

There are GRAD shots on a regular basis but often a single rocket from a launcher as a dog bark: look, we can attack in force from 'here.'

Gasoline seems to have evaporated from the Donbass.  The above video is of the line to get into the gas station to get tankful.  It looks as bad if not worse than the gas shortages in the 1970s in the US.  Rumors are the DNR troops snarfled this up for their trucks, etc.

There are rumors a large number (thousands) of new Russian troops arrived in the Donbass.  The troops are often caught vk'ing their locations and destinations as confirmation.

I have been on record as stating the reason the war halted earlier was because Putin needed to fight in Syria and could afford a single war at a time.  I may have been off.  He may have wanted to get the West on his side in Syria and needed to stop the fight in the Donbass because of it rather than having a money issue.  Since the horror of Paris, he may be feeling he doesn't need to worry about Ukraine angering the West and that could be part of the uptick of the fighting in Ukraine.  I hope I am over reading things.  I do that occasionally.  OTOH...

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