Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ukrainian War Update: Здесь идут ГРАД снова, падая на голову, как нового взрыва, лягушки.

The war is heating up as Ukraine slips towards winter's embrace. The video above shows GRADs being fired from Donetsk at the UAF on friday.  It is far from the only artillery strike taking place in the Donbass.

Infantry assaults have also taken place.  Today an assault took place by the DNR at Avdiivka.  It was repulsed, but it is far from the only attempt to take ground.

In Gorlovka, tanks clashed and at least one attempt to take ground by the DNR took place.

Maryinka was shelled by 122mm artillery and had another infantry assault.

The DNR has moved a lot of equipment into Makiivka despite claiming to have completed its withdrawal. 

Fighting, in the WWI style Sitzkrieg, took place all along the line of contact.

The Ukrainians have started to redeploy their artillery to the line of contact.

While the world is looking at the horrors of Syria and the recent attack on Paris, Minsk III is failing and the horrors of war are returning to Ukraine.  To be honest, I am surprised.  I thought Ukraine would not have its war while Russia was involved in Syria, for cost reasons.  It seems I was wrong.  Or soon will be. 

Pity poor Ukraine, so close to the embrace of Mother Russia and so far from God (to steal here).

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