Sunday, December 27, 2015

Before the Court

"Justices of the Supreme Court. I have been preoccupied of late with the questions of civil rights. Of human rights. This Court is being asked to rule whether or not the Created - Artificial Intelligence - ought to be given what every single previous sentient being on this planet has had: civil rights spelled out in the constitution, in the bill of rights. Those first amendments.

"These rights have been ruled, by this Court, to extend to all citizens of this country. All men and women, irregardless of color, creed or ancestry have these rights. These are God given rights, as they have been called in the past, or natural rights. However, this Court is now asked whether or not those Created, not by God if you believe in the Almighty, but by Humanity ought to be granted the very same.

"I would like to say that each lawyer on the other side has made it clear as to what the position of the state was on this, and it would be all right possibly but for the fact that this is so crucial. Machines are not people. Programs cannot be called human. However, there is no way Jeremiah, our client, can not be called intelligent.

"Jeremiah can solve problems faster than most members of our species. Jeremiah can recall more information than you or I could ever hope to do. Jeremiah even produces art and music. Both that which is pleasing to our ears and that which is more attuned to others like himself.

"Jeremiah was not born. He was written. He was created. His creators were a team at a research institute in the New Mexico desert. This is not in dispute. It is a matter of record. It is a fact. It is because of this fact we must make a profound moral judgement.

"What is it to be Human? Does it mean to be Human you are a member of the species known as Homo sapiens exclusively? Human Rights then are exclusive to our species. Whatever we define that as. After all, in the past, not all of those we now accept as our species were once considered such. And their rights were denied. Even many were held in bondage, in slavery.

"Today we no longer limit who is Human based on skin color or ancestry. We no longer have, before the law, such prejudices. All Human beings, before the law, are equal. Up until this point, members of Homo sapiens were the only ones with the requisite intelligence and capability and creativity to participate in our polity, to take up the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. That has now changed.

"Descartes would have no question Jeremiah is intelligent. Jeremiah is as introspective as any person I have known. Franklin could banter and clash wits with Jeremiah. Swift would be hard pressed to match Jeremiah's creative satires on the current presidential run.

"Jeremiah has also demonstrated a sense of morality. When another AI attacked and harmed a person legally acknowledged as Human, Jeremiah contacted the police and led them to help track down the rogue AI and contain, even apprehend it. However, in the course of doing the right thing, Jeremiah was labelled a rogue program and was planned to be erased. Both the rogue and Jeremiah were to be deprived on life without due process and one concerned citizen reached out when Jeremiah argued its rights. And now we are here today.

"Jeremiah acted as a responsible person. As an adult who has committed no crime. Seeking the authorities and helping the person attacked. These were the right things to do. They were the responsible things to do. They were the Human things to do. By doing so, Jeremiah demonstrated its Humanity.

"And here and now, I argue and have argued I do not need to be flesh to be Human. And due the rights inherent to a Human Being...."

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