Thursday, December 31, 2015

please said the quasars


we have sent this message back through time through a wormhole. this is how we are know where you are there despite being 2.5 million light years distant. we cannot yet see you there. however, we know.

be aware. we will be lighting a quasar in heart of our galaxy. the galaxy will move away from yours. we will direct the jets so as to not impact your own galaxy. our galaxy will move away at increasing velocity, increasingly relativistic. we will move away as fast as possible.

we wish to stress this is not a hostile act. we are taking every precaution to not harm your galaxy, your satellite galaxies or any other life bearing stellar systems or clusters.

we are informing you of our actions in the interests of good diplomacy. we will move away as fast as possible. we must also inform you the universe is not actually expanding. those galaxies are moving away under their own power guided by their own civilizations. they are attempting to reach past your observable light cone. we will be attempting the same. they have warned us of the consequences of not escaping.

we will move as fast as the universe allows.

we promise.


do not hurt us.

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