Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family Curse V


We, Familia del Corazón, prepare.

Corazon met her fate and sealed the mouth of the lair of the Serpent himself.  Durandal was the key to the lock and the lock had been opened.  She closed and locked the Serpent back in Hell, preventing the apocalypse. 

Corazon was no mere dragon slayer.  She was a demon hunter, death to devils, slayer of wicked spirits, but in the end, sealing the Hellmouth was too much.  And it claimed her life when she closed and welded shut the very gates of hell.

Sadly, with all things human, the lock itself is now failing.  Its magical corrosion has rendered it ready to fail.  Entropy wins all wars.  At least so far.  Even against magic.  Though whether or not it has won its war with humanity or not remains to be seen.

However, the Serpent rises.  The Devil comes.  The end times are nigh.

We now rise to the challenge.  Humanity in all its forms, all its evolved and uploaded and enhanced and natural.  And we march with the knowledge of gods and the technology to match.  For we have not sat idle since the 21st century.  Human ingenuity has not flagged, not failed.

We mourn the carnage to come, but have faith in ourselves…

For Hell hath no fury like Humanity.

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