Sunday, February 21, 2016

Family Curse


Its time we had a talk. Do you remember your uncle Danny? Or Tristan? Or Arturo? You know how pipo Tomas is on crutches? I wish you did remember your uncles. It really is important. And right now its REALLY important for you.

Four hundred years ago, one of our ancestors was a lord in these parts. Yes, we were nobility. Not that such things matter much to anyone any more other than bragging rights.

Our ancestor went to fight and kill the last dragon. This dragon had fled Europe for America. It knew its time was up or would be soon. It had a lived for a thousand years, seen the fall of Rome, the coming of the Arabs, their expulsion, the Spanish Inquisition and that was when it knew, when the knights of Spain were rooting out all the unacceptables, killing off the last dragons, that its time had come.

Fernando, our ancestor, had tracked the dragon and chased it with his rage and the relatively knew weapon of gunpowder and his enchanted sword. When it left over the seas to the New World, Fernando signed onto Columbus' expedition. When Columbus turned back to return to Spain, Fernando left a letter for his family and jumped ship. Other than his letter, he was never heard from again.

His letter, though, corazon, had been written with such passion and belief, that it had become a curse. A curse for his family. One that bound us to hunt this dragon. He had implored his sons, his family to hunt the dragon and for each generation to take up the mantle of dragon slayer if he failed. Which he did. And his curse took hold.

Every generation, a member of the family about the age of Fernando is compelled to hunt down the dragon. Most are killed. Some are merely maimed, like pipo Tomas.

Before you ask, we can find the dragon because it has the sword and when we are of age, the curse tells us where it is. It compels us to find it. Or at least it compels one person per generation. Occasionally, it will compel more than one. Like my three poor brothers.

Normally, it picks the oldest boy. However, given the devastation this last quest wrought on out family, there are no boys. My brothers didn't have kids before the dragon ate them. And I only had daughters.

And you are the oldest.

Corazon, you are going to be compelled soon. You will feel the need, the drive, the blinding rage of Fernando to find and slay the dragon. I do not know how it will effect you: you are the first girl to take up this cross, but I do have high hopes.

I know you, my daughter. You are wise for you age, far more than my brothers were. You are brilliant. You are strong and fast. You have learned the family arts well and now you know why we study swordcraft like we are Spanish samurai. I have been unconventional with you, but that's because I know, you, my daughter, can succeed and slay the dragon where none of your predecessors could.

Gather the gear I have here on the list. Don't forget the Barrett M82. The curse will come upon you soon.

Now, go and make ready, my daughter with whom I am well pleased.

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