Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Stealth Saga #42


The General Atomics MQ-XX tanker entry will be based on the Avenger UCAV.


Here's more information on the first flight and program.

More videos.

Mitsubishi's statement on the flight is here.

The X-2 will fly at least 50 times by the end of the year.

The X-2 is more than a symbol of national pride.

Then there is a bit more.  And some more.


Is the PAK-FA going to be the Su-50?


This is done by fans, so don't get too excited and is based on wind tunnel models from 4 years ago.


Congress may finally let the F-117 be sent to the boneyard.  Finally.  Elsa should sing to Congress.

Stealth Hawk:

5 Years ago, the raid that killed bin Laden & exposed the Stealth Black Hawk took place.


The USAF has sent 2 F-22 Raptors to Romania to reassure NATO of US support against Russia.

Two of the Raptors went to Lithuania. Here's a video of them being refueled on the way.

What the F-22s are doing in Europe.


The software is going to be patched.  The question is howReally.

The radar bug does not effect USMC F-35Bs because they did NOT load the latest software update.

The USMC F-35 maintainers talk the problems of the F-35B maintenance, including the infamous ALIS.

An F-35B was fueled on the ground by a V-22.

 Thornberry's bill apparently will add back the 5 F-35As the budget didn't have, but the air force wanted.  HASC put in a total of 11 F-35s above and beyond.  A bit more here.  Slightly different here.

An F-35A at Luke AFB just dropped some GBU-12 bombs.

There are implications for the F-35I getting its own apps built on top of the F-35 avionics.

The roll out for the F-35I is to take place on June 22.

Lockheed's manufacture of the F-35 has been slower than expected.

Until the F-35 proves it can perform in combat, Congress is not likely allow retirement the legacy aircraft.  Like the A-10.  Senator Ayotte really wants the USAF to come clean whether or not the F-35 will be replacing the A-10.  An F-35 pilot really dislikes the test saying they ought to be comparing apples to apples.

Pratt & Whitney is wrapping up the F-35 F135 engine development.

Could a connectivity problem ground the F-35?

The F-35 program office has 2,590 people working for it.  Mother of gawd...

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