Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #49

China slams the Philippines definition of 'reef.'

The new Chinese Coast Guard cutters are likely to operate in the South China Sea.

China has stated it will ignore the Philippines' lawsuit decision by The Hague.

 China is pushing its own agenda at the Singapore security summit.

The Summit was dominated by the South China Sea scuffle.

China says the US is provoking it in the South China Sea.

The US will not back down in the South China Sea and will respond to China.  In fact, if China does more, the US has vowed action.

This one shoal may be the line in the sand for the South China Sea.

The US SecDef is saying China is building a Great Wall of Self-Isolation.

The US is proposing a security framework for Asia and asked China to join.

The interaction between the US & China is being called the  'Dialogue of the Deaf.'

The American P-8 and the South China Sea.

McCain is pushing the US to respond more to China in the South China Sea.

Vietnam will be formally asking for P-3 patrol planes.

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