Thursday, June 02, 2016

Stealth Saga #44


new photos are emerging of the latest prototype of the PAK-FA.


Despite the rumors, the J-20 has not entered service.  Even the PLAAF came out to make a statement to that effect.


South Korea has selected GE to provide the engines to their KF-X fighter.  The F414 engine will be used.

Pakistan's Fifth Generation Fighter:

Pakistan wants to make more of its next gen fighter.

6th Generation Fighter:

The US Air Force is calling for a new penetrating counter-air system by 2030.  Sounds like a 6th gen.


How the USAF can avoid turning the B-21 into a financial mess.

The B-21 is driving up spending on bombers by the USAF.


The USAF may be warming up to reviving the F-22.  Welsh seems to think an F-22C would be cheaper than the 6th generation fighter.


More on the Netherlands first two F-35s.  The Dutch are stating the F-35s are not really noisier than the F-16s.

A third RAAF pilot has been qualled on the F-35A.

The negotiations for the next two blocks of F-35s is delaying the testing of the 3f avionics software, slipping the schedule to 2018.

The USMC states the aivonics software is rarely a problem is its current form.

Gizmodo got to sit down with the F-35's helmet.

Israel is prepping for its own testing of the F-35I.


Do NOT give up on stealth technology.

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