Friday, June 10, 2016

Stealth Saga #45


The British may conduct more test flights of their UCAV demonstrator.


The Neuron flew a demonstration for the public.


The PAK-FA has been spotted in Feodosia, in occupied Crimea.

Supposedly, the Russian Aerospace Forces will start taking delivery of the PAK-FA in 2017.  Five PAK-FA are supposed to be delivered.


 Why the SASC should NOT change the B-21 acquisition.

Some are unhappy the cost of the B-21 is secret.


The USAF is abandoning plans to send a pair of F-35As to Farnborough air show.

Mountain Home AFB is getting its first combat coded F-35As.

The Brits' training for the F-35 pilots will be part synthetic and real.

The Brits finished testing refueling the F-35B from their tankers a week early.

The Dutch are learning from their F-35s that have flown to the Netherlands.

Denmark is now officially buying 27 F-35As.


Understanding the value of stealth tech.

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