Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Terminator Times #12


The US military trained the Mongolian army in the use of drones.

General Atomics is courting Germany with its Certifiable Predator B and Reaper drones.

Recon pods will fly on Italian Predator Bs.

A Predator B flew 37 hours straight.

The Heron TP is also being shown off in Germany.

A USAF drone has killed a Al Shabab leader.

The prototype Piaggio P.1HH has been lost.

An MQ-9B Reaper has set a record for endurance.

A sense and avoid system for drones was demonstrated on a MQ-9B Reaper.

Aeronautics has developed a new UAV, the Orbiter 3.

The future of amphibious drones.

The Iraqi government is using Chinese made UCAVs.

China has tested an improved version of its CH-4 UCAV controlled via satellite.

China has an organic UAV company for its artillery regiments.

A Grey Eagle UAV fired the Hellfire Missile replacement.  and a bit more.

This summer, Global Hawk will not deploy to Japan like usual.

Kazakhstan displayed its first Chinese drone.

DARPA has taught drones to collaborate.

A Sikorsky S-76 had a 30 mile autonomous flight.

The US Army is preparing for the competition for the new engine for its Shadow UAVs.

Why did the US wait so long to take its drone war to Baluchistan?

The Osprey AESA radar has been selected for the FireScout robo helicopter.

Myanmar is using armed drones in its counter insurgency efforts.

Robo Subs:

US Navy researchers deployed a UUV beneath the Arctic ice.

Improving technology may force more navies to use robo subs.

Robo Boats:

USVs are being tested for refueling and data transfers to greatly increase their range.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles:

The Israelis have developed an armed scout robot, named RoBattle, for use in combat.

Tactics, Strategy & Philosophy:

What should the infantry squad of the 21st century look like?   Hint: the robopocalypse plays into it.

Should we have autonomous robotic combatants?

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