Friday, February 17, 2017

Stealth Saga #61


Indonesia's participation in the South Korean KF-X program has hit a snag over licensing issues for American technologies: they have not been approved to be licensed to Indonesia.


The PAK-FA's engine  has been delayed to at least 2020.

The Russians are also signalling production for the PAK-FA, even with a interim engine, has been delayed past 2018.

The Russians and Indians will be bringing a light weight version of the  BrahMos missile to the PAK-FA.

Russian Fifth Generation Fighters:

Mikoyan will develop a 5th generation fighter alongside the PAK-FA. 


The British are helping Turkey build their 5th gen TF-X fighter.


Lockheed has unveiled its KC-Z concept.


Northrop had its B-21 contract modified.

The B-21 will be networked.


The B-2 strikes in Libya were used as training exercises.

B-2s trained with F-22s, B-1s and Aussies.


The F-22 upgrade has been delayed again.


President Trump really does support the F-35 according to SecDef Mattis.

Lockheed's prez stated a deal was close for the next 90 F-35s.  President Trump claims to have helped reduce the price of the F-35 for the next lot purchase by $600 million.  The real amount appears to be over $700 million with the F-35A now costing $94 million each.  Some think the amount saved isn't real.  Some are head scratching over Trump and the F-35.

If Trump wants to reduce the F-35 price, it has been suggested he needs to compete the engine.

SecDef Mattis has ordered a review of the F-35 program, and specifically, a comparison of the Advanced Super Hornet and the F-35C.  The USMC will participate in the review and appears to be confident the F-35 will come out the winner.

The F-35A received a 15:1 kill ratio at the Red Flag exercises.  Some are claiming that was because of the F-22s.

The F-35A will appear at an Australian Airshow.

F-35B, if canceled, will cause problems for the USMC.

First west coast F-35C squadron has been stood up.

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