Friday, February 10, 2017

The Coming Cyber War #24

Cyber Warfare:

Cyberwarfare is a high priority for the US military.

The US Army needs to be ready to fight a multi domain war tomorrow (including cyber).

Is the US really ready for meme warfare?

How vulnerable is the US Navy to cyberattacks?

How Russia has built its hacker team. 

A heretical POV on the Russo-American hacker war.

Russia says its facing increased cyber attacks.

Conscripts in the Baltic nations are selecting cyberwarfare over infantry.

Ukraine is denying the Russians tracked its artillery units with malware.

Ukraine did have its power grid taken down via a cyber attack though.

Cyber Security: plugged a major data leak.

The was a very large increase in the use of encrypted web traffic in 2016.

Smart electricity meters can be dangerously insecure

Trump stated no computer is secure.

Rudy Guiliani, Trump's cyber security 'expert,'  doesn't seem to know much on the subject and has a very hackable website.

The WaPo claimed Russian hackers compromised a vermont electrical grid.  However, the WaPo semi retracted stating computers at the electrical system were compromised, but not the electrical grid itself.

Protecting quantum computers from hacking.

A British developed method of distributing quantum keys is being tested.

Trump being unwilling to give up his private phone is a huge national security risk.

IARPA is seeking ways to verify integrated circuits and chips are not compromised on the hardware level.

Cisco patched a security vulnerability in their Prime Home software.

A zero day exploit for Microsoft windows can cause a blue screen of death.

Microsoft is ending its security bulletins this month.

A greyhat hacker cracked 150,000 printers that were left unprotected online.

Could AI be used to patch systems automatically to counter botnets?

Many IOS apps are vulnerable to TLS hacking.

Google pressured many Android app developers to correct security flaws.

Pwn2own is offering several bounties for security flaws.

The US Army's security bounty program has paid out over $100,000.

Android's pattern lock system can be cracked in 5 tries.

An alarming number of VPN apps for Android have viruses and malware embedded in them.

Samsung Galaxy phones can be remotely attacked and forced into an infinite reboot cycle.

Google has paid out over two million in its bug bounty program.

Google is claiming the only well behaved anti virus software is Microsoft's.

NetGear has a lot of very flawed consumer products.

Cyber Espionage:

The FBI details the hacking campaign during the US elections by the Russians. Trump's message has now shifted from the hacks were not real to they were not important to the election outcome.  In a moment of rationality, some are calling for getting ready for 2020 by protecting the critical infrastructure of the US elections.  Wikileaks is claiming Russia is not the source of the DNC hacked emails.  I'd be cautious about what Assange states: not only does he have an agenda, but it's written out in big flaming letters scrawled across the sky.  Russia, it is claimed, wants you to read the hacking report.

Secret rules make it easy for the FBI to spy on journalists.

Russia is extending Snowden's asylum and plans on offering him citizenship.

The Netherlands has become so concerned about cyber attacks during its elections, the ballots will be counted by hand.

Which US cities have the worst malware infection rates?

Google has been ordered to hand over emails stored on a foreign resident computer system unlike Microsoft.

Some are pointing out you can't talk Chelsea Manning without discussing Julian Assange.

Did the FSB try to hack the email account of Politkovskaya just prior to her murder?

Russia arrested three individuals for treason wrt espionage supposedly for the US.  This includes a top cyber security researcher at Kaspersky Labs.

Governments around the world shutdown their countries' internet access more than 50 times in 2016.

Twitter released a list of FBI requests that might be unconstitutional.

There is a massive twitterbot network

LeakedSource might be permanently shut down by the Feds.

Washington DC's CCTV system was hacked by parties unknown prior to the inauguration.

The US Congress passed a law stating old emails MUST have a warrant to be viewed.

Cyber Crime:

Anonymous supposedly hacked and took down over 10k darkweb sites.

Supposedly, cracking tools stolen from Cellebrite have been dumped online by the hacker. The original hack stole nearly a terabyte of data.

DRM company Denuvo left its email servers unsecured and two years of email have been dumped online by hackers.

More than 14,000 clients changed providers after the Mirai botnet attack on Dyn.

Hackers cracked a number of unsecured radio stations and began to play an Anti Trump song.

It is very easy to change other people's flight bookings, etc.

Koolova ransomware will unlock itself if you read two articles on ransomware.

LG helped a programmer remove ransomware very easily from his smart tv.

Ransomware shut down an Ohio town.

Thieves are pretending to be soldiers seeking love online and Hamas duped Israeli soldiers, hacking their phones, by pretending to be attractive women.  Remember the old tshirt: on the internet, no one knows you're a dog.

A student hacker faces a decade in prison because his spyware infected over 16,000 computers.

Vizio secretly tracked the owners of TVs made by them.

The first malware for Macs of 2017 has been spotted in the wild.

Did a Rutgers University student create the massive mirai botnet?

Lavabit is relaunching.

The FTC dismantled two massive robocall networks.

A Canadian man had his laptop stolen and then found the thief via facebook and remote access software.  The police IDed the person.

The FBI is looking into the cyber attack that took down the Sundance Film Festival box office.

St Louis libraries have been eaten by ransomware.

The Cockrell Hill Police department lost years of evidence due to ransomware.

An Alpine hotel in Austria was attacked by ransomware.

A former Fed employee was fined for installing bitcoin software on a work computer.

Cyber attacks also have medical repercussions.

Two and a half million XBOX and Playstation players' passwords have been leaked online.

Russian hackers claim to have taken down the Africa Cup website.

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