Thursday, February 09, 2017

Ukraine War Update: Пожалейте бедных Украины. До сих пор от Бога, настолько полно коррумпированных людей и так близко к России.

Ukraine has been suffering through major fighting, or at least significant shelling, on the contact line in the Donbass.

Ukraine is fighting just to hang on.

The fighting had over 10,000 recorded explosions  in a day by the flacid OSCE between the Donnie Rebs and Ukrainian military. 

Some are saying this is a test of the new Trump administration to see what he will do.  Others are suggesting Trump has already abandoned Ukraine in favor of Russia and Putin has already been given the green light to cause Ukraine to collapse and take it over.

Some have been saying the fighting was going to be a second Debaltseve.  The Russian artillery has definitely been pounding

Here is a glimpse of life within the DNR.

Someone is assassinating the  warlords of the DNR: Givi is the latest death.  He was killed by a bomb in his office.

Much to my surprise, Trump's ambassador to the UN blamed Russia for the violence in the Donbass and she even stated the sanctions would remain in place until Crimea was returned to Ukraine.  o.O 

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