Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Live Blogging the Republican Debate: Masochism at its Best!

I am only going to tackle the big kid's table and IDK how long this will run: I may end up stopping early.  We shall see though.

Just found a livestream.  Here we go.

 17:25 PM PT: Oh gawd.  Paul's going to start filibuster tomorrow.  greeeaaaat.

CNBC is losing control already.

Taxes, budgets:

Trump beats his chest.

Carson says his tax plan will be at 15% for everyone and cut government.  Contradicts CNBC.

Kasich attacks others and says others are making fantasies for people.  Slamming Trump and Carson.

Trump rips Kasich.  Kasich was on Lehman Brothers board.  Claims Kasich got lucky with fracking.

Everyone is stroking the flat tax.  gah.

Fiorina snarks on point about tax reform being the perennial issue that's never finished.

Rubio.  o.O  Told to wait his turn.  He says he's the savior, hallelujah.

Bush slams Rubio.  Man, slams him hard.

Rubio: slams back.  trips Bush pretty hard so far.

Bush claims he'd be a great leader and avoids question what he is melting down.

Fiorina based on HP experience: NASDAQ dropped 80%, HP stock lost 50%, HP was dying.

Cruz: Slams the media.  has a point.  chooses not to answer the question.  bleh.

CNBC cannot keep in control.

Paul: Opposes budget deal for cutting entitlements only to increase spending more elsewhere.  Paul says blackmail how you reform government.

Christie:  Social compact broken.  Social security going bankrupt in 7 years.  uh huh  Heard this every 4 years for the last 32 years.

Huckabee: social security shouldn't be touched.   This is a matter of morality.

Christie: tell the truth.  money stolen.

Cruz: republican leadership betrayed us in congress.  Then talks about social security.  uh.

Huckabee:  means testing means government decides.  madoff did less than the government with respect to social security.

Break time.

Trump on atlantic city.  he used the law to his benefit.  that would be called 'criminal in law.'

Carson on drug prices: profiteering in drugs, yes.  turns this into regulations on small business huh???

Christie:  hypocrite.  Good grief.  You bet he'd NOT actually hunt any business.

Bush: wuh?  cut taxes.  cut taxes.  wuh?

Fiorina, internet sales tax: avoids question.  wants to talk crony capitalism.  Betcha she's avoiding the fact a lot of the things she's talking about happened under Bush.  Wait.  is she talking about trust busting????  hmmm.  no, not really.  She's jumped onto a track and kept going.

Rubio, money problems: his finances were because he struggled from working class.

Kasich, wants to kill Export/Import Bank or incentives: This is welfare for rich people.  wants balanced budget amendment.

Cruz, on women wage equality: no legislation for equality.

Fiorina, on women: lift everyone, blame democrats.

Carson on gays:  Marriage man/woman, but really gay friendly, honestly.

Carson, on manitech:  audience lash out at the questions.


Rubio, wants to be tech industry savior:  reform the H-1B.  bar companies that abuse system.

Trump, in favor of immigration:  for harvard etc. grads from other countries to stay.  For reforming SuperPACs.  Get rid of them and bad decisions because of it.

Cruz, the fed: concerns about fed and audit the fed.  rules based monetary policy.  wants to get rid of fed independence.  he's a GOLD BUG!

Paul, the fed:  audit the fed.  blames fed for income inequality.  blames fed for housing boom and crisis.  no price controls on money.  o.O

Carson, subsidies bad but for ethanol ok:  Admits he was wrong (or says he).

Huckabee, income inequality:  whoa points at JLENS!  lol.  Disagree with him, but I do dislike the JLENS.  No government reg.  he's right about the income inequality.  Not how.

Bush, tax reform, capital gains:  no, really!  middle class is best in my plan!  avoid the question damned fast!

Rubio, tax plan benefits highest: no, you're wrong.  tax foundation wrong.  Rubio tripping.  Greatest gains for percentage for lower class, middle class.  Not absolute.

Paul, tax plan: gets rid of payroll tax.  uhhh...  this doesn't work really.

Cruz: Kill IRS.

CNBC cannot control this debate.  geez.

Kasich, 420: no revenue problem.  drugs bad.  m'kay.  income inequality biggest problem, freeze regulations, wuh.


Interesting that they haven't had trump and carson front and center as much.  trump has also been very muted compared to past debates.

 Trump, H-1B: in favor for people coming legally.  Avoiding the real question.

Rubio, immigration:  change from based on merit, not family.

Trump, guns: comfortable with employees carrying.  Gun free zones are target practice.  Change gun free zone policies.

Huckabee, moral authority: Trump doesn't need him moralizing.  seriously anti clinton.

Christie, moral authority: Christie.  Talking moral authority.  o.O  Is crime REALLY going up?  Christie supports police, period.  hrm.  cops need to be accountable, really, Christie!

Fiorinia, freelance economy retirement: No, feds in retirement plans.  Only rich benefit from government intervention.

Kasich, student debt: wants to downsize university assets, public service to pay off debt, also universities shouldn't get paid for nongraduating students.  uh... most frosh don't become sophomore.

Bush: no federal involvement in university debt.

Bush, are fantasy sports gambling: should be regulated.

Christie: are we really talking about fantasy football!?!  point.

Christie, climate change: don't do what the democrats idea.  hrmph hrmph hrmph.  slams moderator pretty well.  look at my energy plan for climate change.

Paul, medicare: government does a bad job.  can't pay for itself.  points out the demographics. and worker ratios.  Was that really his response?  not because it was stupid, but because there was some thought in it.  o.O


Huckabee, medicare response: 85% of cost of medicare is chronic disease.  Fix the health problem rather than fix medicare.


Trump: Grow economy so fast the medicare reform irrelevant.

Bush: wealthy don't get same benefits, reform medicare.

Kasich: reformed medicaid without cutting benefits.  can't grow your way out of demographics.

Paul:must reform.

Carson, individual plans: o.O people can't afford their medical costs, they can save?!  privatize. 

Christie:  dude. are you participating in the same debate I am listening to?!

Rubio: reform for future, not current people.

Fiorina: we talk the same thing every election.


Paul:  small government.   claims no limit to debt limit.

Christie: sounds like an early 90s infomercial.  I'm awesome.

Cruz: who stands up to anyone?  I'm the serial contrarian, damnit. 

Fiorina: we always talk about the same things.  I am repeating the same things I have said before again.  because I need to say the same thing again.  I am Hillary's worst nightmare.  Hillary Carly debate.

Carson: thank you everybody.

Trump:we are losers.  america is a loser nation. 

Rubio: america is great!  rahrah! 

Bush: DC pols making everything worse.  I'm the savior!  gah.

Huckabee: wants to improve everything, thinking of future generations.

Kasich: sounding like traditional conservative. 

Closing statements.


3de8af9a-85a1-11e4-b784-0b02f2c1f23a said...

Hmm. I wonder if any one at all has any sensible idea about the growing problem of stagnant wages (and the growing number of Americans who are unemployed yet hidden away in the "not in the labor force" statistic due to being out of a job too long to stay in the "unemployment" statistic), and how to address inequality without reducing to communism or other previously unsuccessful economic constructs. We probably need to blaze a trail to a new type of system, or at least tweaked capitalism for the times--but who is even remotely on the right track to be able to do that?

3de8af9a-85a1-11e4-b784-0b02f2c1f23a said...

Thanks for the live blogging again, by the way!

3de8af9a-85a1-11e4-b784-0b02f2c1f23a said...

Sometimes I really want to like Carson, and I know debats can catch people at their worst. But did he really say if one can't afford medical treatment, to just save for it? I mean, cause obviously no one ever had a medical condition that prevented working and gaining an income to save up for treatment for--or had the time to delay treatment that long depending on their income/cost ratio. Nope.

Will Baird said...

He talked about personal, private accounts for medicare/medicaid. Means you pay for it.


3de8af9a-85a1-11e4-b784-0b02f2c1f23a said...

Well, we do already, before and after healthcare reform. But one didn't/doesn't have to save and pay before medical treatment; insurance covers and then what isn't is paid for later (like a loan). I guess I interpreted the "save for it" as implying you can't get treatment until you can pay in full. Sure, for things like plastic surgery as it already stands, but thus nothing needs to be changed. I guess I don't get what he's trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that "Mexico is moving north." The Donald is the only one willing and capable of stopping that move. Donald, you have my vote sewn up.

Will Baird said...


no. Trump is not going to be the republican candidates, never mind the president.

The demographics are already done. The future is very different and you're going to have to accept that. You need a time machine and the ability to go back and convince the Boomers to have lots of kids. They didn't. So you're going to have accept the future. :)

No worries, the Irish and Italians were not considered white. In a generation or two, Mexicans will be, too.