Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #21

Over the last two days, Russia has conducted 118 airstrikes in Syria.  This is half the rate of two days ago.  However, I would be cautious about declaring Russia's aircraft are all breaking down.  They may be having trouble, but we'll see if the rate stabilizes, fall further or if Russia ships in more aircraft.

A Russian armored column, heavy in artillery, left Latakia.  This would hint the Russians are going to try to provide artillery support now in addition to air strikes and some fighters from Ukraine plus special forces.  Putin must love him some tarbaby quagmire pie.

The Iranians are apparently suffering heavy grounds losses if reports are to be believed.  I wonder if the original deal was Russia wuld provide air support and the Iranians would provide ground combat troops.

Complicating that is that the American generals are talking about placing American ground troops in Iraqi units to fight IS.  Iran's supply lines might get rather complicated if there are significant American troops in Iraq.

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