Friday, October 30, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #23

Supposedly at Al Harra again.

Russia claims they have hit 1623 targets in the past month.  That would imply an average of 50 targets per day.  We know they surged to nearly 100 targets a few days ago, so I wonder if they are having a significant drop off.  It would also explain why they are changing from reporting on their daily attack rate they were before.

The Russians have stated anyone fighting in Syria needs Syrian government approval to use force there.

In a twist, the US is 'sending' special forces to fight along side the Kurds.  Less than 60, supposedly, but I've heard from sources there might already be operators on the ground and I have to wonder if this is Obama telling the Russians the Kurds are off limits to bombing because they might kill Americans.  I'm not sure Putin really cares, but...

The Americans conducted 12 air strikes in the last 24 hours.

There are supposed to be more talks coming up in Vienna.  I am sure they will make as much progress as before.

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