Monday, December 14, 2015

Another for fun Writing: a Drunk Hero After the Collective Villian Wins and Successfully Python Grips the World

John slurred as he as monologued. He was drunk. Very drunk. He'd have quite a hangover in the morning. He'd have an even bigger tab to pay off. An epic tab. Or he would if the government didn't pick up the tab. They picked up the tabs for everyone these days. Not just for drinking.

However, His drinking was heroic, even super heroic. Ha!

"She bled us dry. She bled the world dry. She smashed and killed and took everything from us."

The bar tending bot was not having it. AIs had to do services job, some charity, some crappy ones, others awe inspiring, as part of their education. They got to see the good, bad and ugly of the their creators and world cohabitors.

"What has she ever given us?"

The bot was annoyed. It'd had to reorder almost the entire stock and would have to be at the bar early morning to put it all away when the delivery came. This "hero" and the groupies and gawkers had all showed and drank all of everything.

"Besides fixing the scarcity problems?"

The hero blankly looked back at the bot. "Oh, yeah, yeah...she did give us that."

"And the cleaned up of the environment."

A groupie piped up, "Oh yeah, the environment! You remember how the world used to be like."

The hero drunkenly slurred, "Yeah, alright, I'll grant you the scarcity problems and the environment. The two things SHE has done."

The bot continued pointedly, "And fixed the infrastructure, the roads..."

"Well, obviously the infrastructure, the infrastructure goes without saying," rebutted the hero, "Obviously. But apart from the scarcity problem, the environment and the infrastructure..."

"No more hunger?" one groupie interrupted.

"Immortality?" another groupie piped up.

"Free education as much as want?" yet another chimed in.

"Yeah, alright, fair enough," grumbled the hero.

"And the whining!" laughed a bot in the back. The hero glared red eyed.

"Yeah," the bar tending bot said up front, "that's something we'd really miss if she'd never taken over."

"And it's safe to walk in the streets at night, Mr Hero," a hot young thing he'd struck out with earlier.

"Alright, apart from fixing the scarcity problem, cleaning up the environment, fixing the infrastructure, education, feeding everyone, made the streets safe at night, and immortality WHAT has she ever done for us?" went on the hero.

"She certainly knows how to keep the peace. We don't have superheroes smashing whole cities anymore. She's certainly the only one who could handle superheroes like you," snarked the hot young thing.

Yeah, he'd struck out completely. The laughter rolled over the crowd. He was too damned stubborn and drunk to give up though.

"Oh, peace, shuttup! We were only fighting HER and HER MINIONS."

The bot was fed up and pounded on the bar. Causing everyone to jump.

"Mr. John Kal'el Connor. You are cut off. We may have free speech, but we also have public safety laws about overpowered people drinking too much and making a menace. You, sir, are drunk and, therefore, done. Go home, before I have skynet call your mom, one Sarah Lor-Van Connor."

"Fine, Cromarty."

"Don't make me take attendance, folks. Mary Bouie, Donald Chase, Franklin Lane, Cynthia Knolan, Wayne Parker, Cameron Phillips...why you hang out with him, I'll never understand. Bar's closed. Go home."

John shambled out the door. He didn't dare try flying. Drunk flying would get him in REAL trouble.

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