Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Live Blogging the Republican Debates

 Let's Cruz by in our Carson and Trump the dead Bush, for a virtuous candidate has a worth far above a Rubi(o).  We're Carly going to find someone like that here.  

I can't fit in Kasich.  alas.

here we go.

geeeeez. This is taking forever.

Opening Statements:

Rand:  out the door attacking Rubio and Trump.  Arabs only on the ground.

Kasich:many things need to be fixed and Americans need to stop yelling at each other and unify.

Christie:  attacks Obama and Clinton.  eh.  THINK OF THE CHILDREN!  you idiot.  ahem.  I just did the thing Kasich complained about.  I'll go stand in the corner.

Fiorina:  angry.  grrr.  Dig at Trump.  We can fix everything with a leader.  ME ME ME! She doing things that make me wonder if she's calling to women here.  Now for the red bloods.  Me!

Shrub Mk2: we need a strong leader.  wait.  Obama didn;t cut the defense as much as congress did with the mandatory cuts.  I will keep you safe, secure and free.

Rubio: grew up here.  oh geez.  we are the greatest.  grr.  Obama is a disaster. Wait.  is he dog whistling???  He's not taking shots at the others.  odd.  Slight dig by saying he'll act like a president.

Cruz: america at war with radical islamic terrorism.  All republicans are better than either obama or clinton.  keep america safe first.  hunt down and kill terrorists.  utterly destroy IS.  no jihadi refuges.  No swings at anyone else.  No PCness!  hmph.

Carson: moment of silence for San Bernardino.  Interesting move.   war with radical islamic jihadists.  I can plan.  America is the patient.  no PCness.  Wants to declare war on ISIS.

Trump: people loooooooove me.

First question:

Best way to isolate america from rest of world.

Trump:  not talking about religion, talking about safety.  Kick out those ehre.

Called trump unhinged. 

Bush:  kill isis.  no fly zone.  heh.  let's start a war with Russia!  hnf hnf.  Embed trumps.  Calls trump's proposals not serious.  Trump good at one liners.  hard core dig at Trump.

Trump counter:  Jeb just saying that because Bush loser.  Other presidents sucked.

Bush:  Banning all muslims makes everything harder.  lawyers are hobbling war fighters.  o.O  Calls Trumps not serious.

Rubio: Obama bad.  Trump's proposal nonsense.  ISIS the most scary terrorist group ever. Says Obama's talk made things worse.

Cruz (disagree with trump how):  attacks obama instead of trump.  against syrian refugees.  Ban refugees from ISIS controls big area.  Odd attack on Trump about horse thieves.  -_-

Fiorina (OH NO REAGAN!): republican solutions.  leaders not lawyers or entertainers.  No territory at the caliphate.  at home, update patriot act...oy.

Christie (Americans afraid, LA threat, is this new normal?):  yes, it is.  blame clinton and obama.everywhere in america is a target.  spy on america to save amerca!  WTF!!!!  yes, let's trust a lawyer.

Kasich (how to find radical in the US): need troops on the ground to fight ISIS. Cliamte conference needed to talk ISIS too.  Use joint terrorism task force.  OMG!  encryption.  DO NOT LISTEN TO MY PRIVATE COMMUNCATION JERK!

Balance surveillance and privacy:

Cruz (vote mistake):  ended listen to everyone.  why does he keep talking 'bad guys' like we were 5 yos?

Rubio: keep surveillance going.

Cruz: calls Rubio liar.

Rubio: said Cruz talked about classified info.  bill took away powerful tool.

free for all.

Paul: Rubio wrong.  stricter controls on border.  too much data from NSA and distracts us.  calls Rubio for open border!  whoa.  calls him a liberal loyalist.

Rubio: Paul's bill only got 10 votes.  metadata more strict.  whoa.  wants to spy on american citizens.

Paul: Rubio still misunderstands.  Wants rules and restrictions on immigration.


Christie: says senate is all about angels on a pin.  I'm an exec and know can act.  No one in america cares about stupid debates.  I ... really detest this guy.  Let's talk about doing something, not debating.

Carson (what is anti american): monitor mosques.  listen to anywhere.  o.O  duuuuuuude. doesn't know who is right.  let Rubio and Paul fight.

Bush: Islam is not a problem.  let's surveill everyone.  good gawd.    destroy ISIS there to win.  Don't talk about surveillance in public.

Fiorina: SV refuses to help crack encryption.  meh.  gov idiots.  omg.  Do not be forced, ask them.

Trump (closing internet): use SV to figure out how to kill ISIS online.  ISIS are evil.  hunt isis online.  open to closing part of the internet.

Kasich: not a good idea to shutdown internet.  metadata collection good.  attacks encryption use.

ISIS war of our time:

Cruz (can sand glow in dark?): means use overwhelming air power.  arm kurds.  fight and kill ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  PC is the problem, not incompetence. no city destruction.  lots of wank after that.

Rubio: cannot defeating them only by air strikes.  ground force must defeat them and sunni arabs must defeat them with special forces.  reverse cuts in air force and navy.  win the propaganda war.  Cruz voted against defense authorization.  thinks cruz would veto DA.

Cruz: true about vote.  oppose detaining.  Rubio insulted me.  I am scary than Rubio.  Rubio supports Obama and Clinton.

Rubio: walks a dangerous line with American citizen right.  Cruz won't lead.

How to fight war with ISIS:

Trump: we must tougher on families.

Bush: this isn't serious.  calls Trump's strategy crazy.

Trump: thinks Jeb nice, but US needs tough.

Jeb and Trump attack.

whoa.  online issues.

Trump and Jeb insult each other.

 ugh.  internet problem.  

Whoa.  ok.  Can you be as ruthless as Chruchil..

Carson: tough yes, ruthless no.

ISIS stronger because of hawks:

Paul: US armed ISIS allies.  Libya was a mistake.  Trump is NOT serious.  Geneva convention and 1st amendment.  Do you believe in constitution or not?

Trump:  attacks Paul.  Talks closing down parts of in Syria and Iraq.  Infiltrate their conversations.

Paul: are republicans responsible?  Is regime change a good idea?  we should be a isolationist.

Kasich:  coalition in Syria.  repeat first gulf war against ISIS.

internet problems again.

Rubio asked, but livestream  got stuck.



Christie is ranting about the sequester.

Carson:  attack energy, attack ground but also boots on the ground, do what military says.

break over.

Cruz: regime change bad.  wuh oh.  said we should be like woodrow wilson.

Rubio:  qadafi would going down with or without US.  must work with bad.  anti america dictators must go.

Cruz: regime attack.  moderate rebels are mythical purple unicorns.  I'm the same as netanyahu..

Kasich: assad must go.

Trump (are americans safer with dictators): wasted money.  gets heckled.  better spending the money at home.

Fiorina: Obama said what Trump said.  Clinton wrong.

 Trump: people are different.  attacks Clinton, Obama.  let's be isolationist.  wait.  are you going to destroy ISIS or be isolationist?  Loves Carson.  wait.  what?  Are we seeing Trump-Carson  yikes.

Carson (better off with dictators?): america needs help first.  then think about fixing ME.

Bush:  Saddam killing was good.  attacks Obama.

Paul: regime change is bad.

Cruz: wrong question.

Wolff vs Cruz.

Trump:  can't fight everyone.

Ok.  sorry.

Fiorina: didn't say not to talk to Putin.  Says Putin lies.  duh.  Build strength against Putin.  attacks Obama, Clinton for Iraq withdrawal caused ISIS.  she has a point there.

Christie:  shoot down Russian plane in no fly zone, yes.  Will talk to Putin and warn.  Calls Oabam a weakling.  total lack of respect for the office.

Paul:  says christie would start ww3. bridge attack on Christie.

Christie: attacks obama instead of Paul.

Jeb insults Trump again.

streaming problems again.

Kasich is saying everyone arguing and being stupid.  Bringing together people.

Carson (qualified to be commander in chief): nice slam on politicians only.  however....whoa less talk more do.  That's my line, damnit.


Rubio: I live the immigrant problem.  American people do not trust feds about illegal immigration.  After ten years probation, open to green card after all other measures done.

Cruz: our immigration plans different.  not for amnesty.  Invokes saint reagan.  damn.  Will get Trump to pay for border wall (silly).

Rubio:  Cruz really isn't that different.

Cruz: Rubio wants to muddy waters.  I fought Rubio.  Nice shot about arsonist and fireman the same.


Cruz: does not intend to allow path to citizenship.


Trump:  have a very hard line position.  illegals out.  period. 

Bush (immigration debate won't help debate):  secure the border.  fix the border.

Carson:  refugee camp really quite nice.  Says Syrians want to go home.

Paul (would you send back the 2k Syria): attacks Rubio.

Rubio: parries Paul.  hmmm.

Paul (2k already here): 2k stay.  no retroactive.  charity only for private people to do.

Bible question.

Christie: first job to protect americans.  ignores bible commentary. :)  attacks Obama and Clinton.  No widows and orphans.

Kasich: we do a good job against terror.  vetting program broken.

North Korea:

Fiorina (hydrogen bomb): Kim Jung Un is dangerous.  isolate NK and work with China.  wuh.  o.O  retaliate against china and fight for south china sea.  contain china and then work with china.  hmmm.

Carson: NK dangerous.  NK is a mess.  ...  use economy to contain NK and Putin.  export american energy to do so.  Upgrade military.

Christie (cyber attack): cyber war if china attacks.  uhm.  doesn't seem to understand understand what cyberwarfare about.  he's talking hacking and doxxing china.  o.O  attack Obama and clinton again.

Bush (concerned about cyber attack): completely agrees with Christie.  brings up email servers again Clinton.

streaming problems again.

Trump says he was against Iraq.  Nuclear weapons too important.  Biggest problem is nuclear proliferation.

More streaming problems.

calling it here.  sorry

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