Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Robopocalypse Report #33: The CLAW!


A team is attempting to do a kickstarter to develop a claw to grab things using drones.  Purse snatching might get interesting.

Drones have moved from 'nifty' to 'uh oh.'

Apparently, the Chinese feel the same way. The Civil Aviation Administration of China will be putting out regulations with limits on drone use in urban areas in the near future.

Japan is going the same route and banning hobbyist drones in urban areas.

Albany, NY is considering a drone ban as well.

Unmanned helicopters are being tested for fire fighting.

Alphaville is proposing an Uber-like operation for drones.

Efforts to use drones for humanitarian purposes are stymied by mistrust of drones.

One personal injury law firm has embraced the drone era.  le sigh.

Self Driving Cars:

What did Google's self driving cars do in November?

Self driving cars could herald a bigger revolution than just for taxis according to Audi's strategist.

Some think the real promise of driverless cars is to pick up and drop off people from hubs of mass transporation.  IE a replacement for taxis.

Samsung has created a driverless car division.

Starting in 2019, NHTSA will start incorporating technology evaluations into their car safety ratings, including evaluating self driving capabilities.

Consumer Watchdog is urging the NHTSA to slow down approving self driving cars.

The Department of Transportation is pushing ahead to try to regulate self driving cars before they are on sale, unlike what has happened with the FAA and drones.

CITYLAB wonders why city planners are not ready for self driving cars.

Self driving trucks could completely rewrite the rules of freight transportation.

For the owner or operator of self driving trucks, the price for one is as yet unknown.

Mercedes continues to improve its self driving truck technology.


THESBOT is a pipe inspection bot.  Two words: CABLE RUNNING!

Here a piece on the future of robots we will swallow and have embedded in us for medical reasons.

The NIST has developed a robot for working on antenna characterization.

Anova's Precision Cooker is a bot for the kitchen.

The Robopocalypse has come to the golf course.

Here is a photo gallery of Japanese robots.

Adidas has opened a factory in Germany that is mostly using robots to make shoes.

Robotics may bring manufacturing back to the US, but it may not be a good thing.

Boston area robotics startup, Jibo, keeps getting a lot of investment.

3d Printing:

University of Wollongong is offering a free online course in 3D bioprinting.

LLNL successfully bioprinted blood vessels.

There are some hints about what an Apple 3d printer might be like.

How will 3d printing impact China and its manufacturing?


How about removable cyborgism?

The Chinese are developing a car that can be driven by thought.

Software Bots:

Creating machine learning algorithms based on human babies.

The data from the LHC has become so overwhelming, software bots are needed to look for interesting data for new discoveries.

Is Integrated Information Theory the key to creating artificial intelligence?  Let's just say, "Hmmm."

Wikipedia has developed a software bot to remove bad edits to their online encyclopedia.

A professor is claiming artificial intelligence development is going down the wrong path.

Have Facebook's AI researchers cracked the game of Go?

Machine learning has found a climatic signal in leaf shape from fossils.

Philosophy and Economics:


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