Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Russian Most Syrian Adventure #46

Russian Fighters Above Azaz, Syria

Russia is setting up in al-Shayrat Air Base, Syria outside of Homs.   This is a second air base for fixed wing aircraft.  They have two other forward operating bases, but those are not for fixed wing aircraft.

The rebels apparently have retreated from Homs.

The Russians and Syrians have been conducting joint military exercises outside of Idlib. Supposedly this is leading to a joint ground offensive.

Apparently, Turkey really has started delaying Russian ships crossing through the Bosphorus.

The Germans are going to be providing Tornadoes for the French effort to seek retribution for the Paris attacks.  These are supposed to be used for recon rather than strike.  However, the Germans have made it plain they will not be providing flight plans or details to the Russians.

The Israelis are dismissive of the  threat of the S-400 surface to air missiles.  That's...interesting.

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