Thursday, December 03, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #47

The T-90 tanks are reportedly not being operated by Russians, but rather by the Syrian army, specifically by the 4th Armored Division.  My personal bet is the Russians did give the Syrians some T-90s, but have their own in country as well.  This is consistent with the Russian behavior in Ukraine.  This allows for obfuscation of

Turkey has rejected the claim by Putin Turkey is buying oil from Daesh/IS. Putin claims he has proof.  The US is backing up Turkey.  Turkey is now saying it has proof Russia is buying Daesh/IS oil. 

Lavrov is going to meet the Turkish foreign minister.

 Russia has stated there will be more sanctions against Turkey for the shoot down.

Daesh has executed (and provided video of the execution) of a person they are claiming was a Russian spy.

Britain has joined the fight.   The airspace is going to be really crowded.

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Anonymous said...

Russia is a major exporter of oil, and from the evidence it seems clear the ISIS convoys are going up through Turkey--we have been shown where they start, and where they end. So, Turkey's claims don't seem to make sense given, well... reality.

Meanwhile, in sleaze ball Erdogan land:

How are these guys not as bad or Worst than Russia? And why is our leadership so eagerly willing to let such crazy maniacs pull us into WWIII?

That brings us to the worst of all, the UK has decided to blow up ISIS oil infrastructure today, like Russia has been doing, which means the US has known all along that all this is there and where. So why have we avoided attacking such obviously important military targets that could rapidly cripple ISIS? I guess it would make sense if Turkey is indeed buying ISIS oil and we didn't want to offend our crazy, Lord of the Rings-esque named ally. None of this makes any sense.

But hey, our current president bows when meeting Saudi leaders, and those are guys who behead people on a regular basis, so what should we expect when it comes to us and the Middle East?