Monday, December 07, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #49

There was an airstrike on a Syrian army base.  Three+ soldiers died.  This much is not disputed by anyone.  However, who did the airstrike is up in the air.  A Syrian human rights watch dog said the Americans are suspected.   The Russian and Assadite Syrian government both explicitly name the US as the attacker.  The US denies this.  In fact the US claims a Russian airstrike is responsible.

Russia denies its adding a second fixed wing airbase.

Russia is complaining drone air traffic has tripled, but the US led Coalition is not sharing the intel.  I cannot imagine why that would be.

Syria is deploying the S-300 SAMs purchased from Russia and has announced it may be closing its airspace to all unless they are cooperating with the Assadite government.

Turkey has warned Russian not to repeat the incident where the Russian soldier was on the deck of a ship with a MANPADS.  Turkey is worried their economy will take a $9 billion hit because of the sanctions by the Russians.  The Russian head of tourism has stated Russians should no longer take beach holidays.

Russia is accusing the US of covering up the Turkish purchase of IS/Daesh oil.

There are upcoming talks about Syria in New York.  Russia will attend.  In the mean time, the Saudis are hosting talks between the rebel groups.

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