Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #50

The Russians conducted 204 airstrikes in the last 24 hours.  The US says only 30% of the airstrikes conducted by Russian aircraft have been hitting IS/Daesh.

Assadite forces are advancing on Aleppo.  The rebels have evacuated Homs.

The US has stated the attack on the Syrian army base was by a Russian Tu-22, a medium bomber.

The Russians have requested the British examine the blackbox of the downed Su-24. 

With all the people starving in Syria, Assad is exporting 700,000 tons of citrus to Russia.

note: sub was NOT submerged.  
American subs fire cruise missiles while submerged.

A Russian submarine with cruise missiles has moved into the Med, off the Syrian coast.  Later  the sub fired those cruise missiles at targets in Syria (see above video).  Russia gave notice to the US about the launching of the cruise missiles from the sub.

The Russians are sailing the Slava class cruiser Varyjag to replace the Moskva. 

Metrojet, the airline that had the plane blown up over Sinai, has ceased operation.  Too many people cancelled their flights and no one booked another.

There was to be a December 18th talks in New York on finding a peaceful way out of the Syrian quagmire, but Russia has cast doubt on if it will attend.

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