Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #55

Russian said in the last 24 hours it hits 212 targets.

Russia has said 17 of those air strikes were in support of the rebels against IS.

The rebels shot down a Russian drone.

Russia has come out to say now, that the war in Syria and its involvement could last years instead of months.  Quagmire?

Russia is also stating Turkey ought to pay compensation for the downed jet.  If Russia really is the legal heir to the soviet union, I'm sure the korean airlines families would be delighted with this prospect.  Turkey says, 'no way.'

Turkey states Russia is purposefully saber rattling after the downed jet.  Dur.

In a moderately big twist, Turkey is setting up a military base in Qatar.

Finally, US/Russian differences over Syria are still very large.  Kerry has conceded Assad can stay for now according to multiple sources.

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