Friday, December 18, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #57

A suspected Russian air strike has killed 32 civilians in northern Syria.

The black box from the downed Su-24 has been opened. Unfortunately, it has been damaged.  I am trying not to be cynical about this.

Russia says they have destroyed nearly 100 oil tanker trucks run by IS/Daesh. 

There's a definite appearance Russia has taken control of diplomacy for the resolution of the Syrian conflict.  However, the Syrian rebels are saying they will not agree to Assad being left in power.  Russia is reportedly willing to consider Assad's removal after the conflict is resolved:  this is Putinic for "we'll get you to agree to shbt and then not do what we said."  See Ukraine for example IRL.

The Saudi backed coalition of rebels have stated they are not in contact with the Russians.

There are reports the Free Syrian Army is crumbling. 

Russia's Slava class cruiser Mosvka is sitting off the Syrian coast and supporting the air campaign.  The Russians are giving press tours in a PR campaign.

Upon thinking about the Saudi military alliance, or 'anti terrorist coalition,'  it would be darkly amusing if in attempting to stupid the IS from creating the Caliphate (or their twisted version of it) the world incidentally pushed the Saudis into effectively creating the same.

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