Saturday, December 19, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #58

The US says the Russian air defenses are not hindering its attacks on Daesh/IS. 

Syrian Opposition groups are stating there's little chance of a quick meeting and resolution of the Syrian Civil War.  Or even a ceasefire.  They need at least a month of real preparation before they sit down to talk.

The French are demanding assurances (snork) Assad will leave power.

The question of the day is 'just how coherent is the Saudi coalition?'  There is even questions whether or not the coalition is even real.

There might be a sign things are starting to go wrong for Putin in Syria.  I don't mean Putin's campaign is taking longer than planned: anyone who thought it'd be done in a couple months was lying to themselves.  No, its rather Putin has started saying he hasn't brought all the capabilities the Russians have to bare in Syria.  This is not for the international audience, really. 

Putin has been stating he also wants to maintain ties with Turkey, but will renew those ties once the leadership has changed.  He also stated working with both Assad and the US is easy.

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