Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stealth Saga #17


Who will win Asia's fifth generation fighter race?


South Korea is developing a UCAV, that in the concepts looks a lot like the German Barracuda demonstrator.

The US Navy CNO has stated the UCLASS needs to be accelerated.

The British Taranis has completed a third round of test flights, but it is unclear if it will be tested further.


Rolls Royce has offered its EJ-200 engines for the Turkish TF-X program. 


South Korea's KF-X may not be a F-35 peer like South Korea originally wanted.

The US government has approved 21 technologies from the F-35 to be transferred to South Korea for the KF-X.

Sukhoi PAK-FA/T-50:

Supposedly the flight tests for the PAK-FA are virtually complete.  The procurement seems to be incredibly scaled back: only one squadron, the report states, is going to be bought.  Su-35s will be purchased instead.

Will India actually buy all 154 PAK-FA they originally were signing up for?


Supposedly, the Chinese military, despite significant changes to the latest prototype of the J-20 and the Su-35, is stating the flight testing for the J-20 is nearly complete.


Denmark has, again, postponed the start of the procurement of its replacement fighter due to budget issues.  The F-35 is competing for the procurement.

South Korea has added diplomats to its negotiating team for its F-35 contract. 

Apparently, the F-35 office canceled a realistic cyber security test and now they are getting huge amounts of flak for the decision.

Lockheed will get all 45 of the F-35s planned for production this year done by December 31st.  43 are already done.

Northrop has delivered the center fuselage of the first Japanese F-35 to Lockheed.

Pakistan getting the F-35 would be India's worst nightmare, but its highly unlikely to happen any time soon.

The F-35A will begin flying 'Heritage Flights' at airshows.  


Kurt said...

Are you sure about the TFX? I believe the procurement will be more than a squadron, and Turkey certainly won't be buying any Su-35s.

Love your blog btw.

Will Baird said...

That was a misedit. Thanx. I'll fix.