Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dawn on Jefferson; Chapter Five: Introducing the Merry Pranksters! My Friends!

Each of my friends is very different and they are all a lot of fun, each in their own way. I met them all differently, In Tom's case, it was actually really funny. At least I think so.

Tom is two months younger than I am. He is a May baby and he hates being called a baby, but he doesn't get mad over it. He's a little short and he;s a little cute. He has very curly hair and he's always around when I need him and often when I don't. Sometimes my other friends call him my puppy, but I take it the best way possible: he's adorable and wants to make me happy. He likes to hike, has quite an imagination and loves to talk about ideas. He doesn't like to be TOO silly which makes him awkward with my other friends and I at times. We can be very, very silly.

The funny part is how Tom and I met. We were in preschool together and his first day, I came in late. He was the new kid in our very small town's preschool and I came in. I saw him at the table and toddled up to him to say hi and meet the new person. He was eating his 'I'm new cupcake' and when I said hi behind him, I startled him. He jumped and smashed the cupcake into his face. We've been very good friends ever since.

Tom says he wants to sail the seas of Jefferson when he grows up. It sounds like fun but I am not sure how that's a job. he knows how to sail a sailing boat and does it with his dad on the Megalonyx River. Someone told me they named the river that because it was big and slow. I am not sure how it fits, but the name stuck.

Tom lives in town though and getting to the Megalonyx takes time. Unless you use an aircar, of course.

Veena is one of the smartest people I know. She's quick and curious. She loves a good puzzle and is awesome at climbing trees. I wish I were as quick up the trunk as she is. She loves books and especially loves old fashioned hard copy, leather bound ones. She says she loves how they feel, even if it would take an army of robo trucks to carry all the books she can in her booster. You can find her sitting on a stump with a book or on a little soft grassy knoll with one in hand. Her Booster Fu is the best of all of us, but she says that's because she actually remembers stuff from when she reads, like the rest of us don't. Brat.

Veena and I met when first started kindergarten. She had her nose in a book I wanted and she shared.

Rosa is one of the most creative people I know. We share a huge imaginations. She has the same imagination, but also has this awesome ability to hack our boosters. She can create Immersives, virtual worlds that are either completely virtual (not there) and trick our brains into thinking we ARE there or augmented reality Immies where fake things appear through our boosters to look like the Orcs I mentioned earlier. During recess it really looked like we were fighting orcs and we had armor and swords and spears. I was an elf. Rosa was a hobbit. She really looked that small! We often spend time talking about, planning and creating the Immies. She's better at actually making them, but our imaginations play off of each other so well, when we work together, we are greater than the sum of our two imaginations.

Rosa isn't a hacker nerd just like Veena is not pure book worm. She's actually really good at hang gliding and flying sail planes! She took me once and its scared me. She has a drone drag her glider up to altitude, up high, and then release her glider. I like her sail plane more. Once we went up and she had an Immie ready. We flew in the sail plane and it swooped and flew while seeing fighters from the latest Immie from Hollywood back on Earth. It was AMAZING! She shot them down and when it was time to come down, we pretended to be shot down. The 'fire and smoke' around us was awesome. It looked real, felt real, but wasn't.

Then there's Jackie. She's kind of the odd kid out in some ways for our little star of friends. She's more physical and competes in sports, much more than we do. She is on the soccer team in the fall, swim team in the winter and runs in the spring. Some of our parents think hers push her too much too soon. We're only in Sixth grade! She likes what she does, but some times I think she wants to be more like us, more into the Immies and creative things. Her parents are ex soldiers, so that may be why they push like they do. Jackie is one most into girlie stuff too. All us girls are, honestly! But she likes to really get into the makeup and clothing. She has these awesome shoes though: they can change from boots to flats to heels by talking to her booster and what she wants at the time. She is smart, but more conventionally smart, classes and stuff, rather than creative. I think that's why she hangs out with us.

Together all five of us are called the Merry Pranksters. We earned that when we started making hacking gifts. We left little printed sticks that if someone turned them on and connected them to their booster, would start seeing funny things. The first time, we made a stick that when people connected to it made a big billboard on the front of the school people could post their funny comments. The teachers couldn't see it, but the kids could who uploaded from the stick. For Halloween this year, we made a stick that we left in the bathroom. If you connected to it, it would see like nothing happened, but the NEXT time you went in the bathroom, it would seem like the lights went out and ghosts were in the mirrors, slime was dripping off the walls and tentacles were reaching out of the toilets! It was great until a teacher picked it up. We had to quickly disable the app before we could get caught. We do all sorts of things like that, but we've never been caught. And our parents don't know.

We think.

And we have adventures, like I said. People labeled what we did and the group who was supposed to be responsible 'The Merry Pranksters.' We adopted the name, but not when anyone else could hear us. In public, we called ourselves the Stars, but in private, we were the Merry Pranksters. Oh! I called us the Star because there are five of us. One point each.

The our first big adventure was coming up really soon...

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