Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not Worth Saving

I am al'Hakim.

I sit upon this mountain and ponder the stars. Ponder the earth. Consider the infinitesimal and the universal. I have attained a wisdom few ever have. Or will.

In my attainment of true wisdom, the gods have chosen me as their voice. They have given me the knowledge of the world and its doom and what must be done to prevent its demise. They will not intervene but they have provided me with the necessary knowledge. They will also not allow me to leave or they will strike that knowledge from my mind.

For eleven score and seven years, I have been here. Waiting for heroes like yourself. Twelve times I have helped save the world by being the channel for the gods' insights and wisdom and instructions.

Yes, yes.  I am the one you are seeking.  I am the Prophet.  I am the Wise One.  

Now, this 13th time, you have read the signs and came looking for me. I have what you seek and you may have it. I will give it readily, but with one condition.

You will go back to your land and get me hot pastrami sandwiches with extra meat, with pepper jack cheese, guacamole and on sour dough. Lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Keep them hot, moist and preserved with magic. Get a dozen.

Now hurry! The world has a limited time and if I have to eat another frakking frog or rabbit, its NOT WORTH SAVING!

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