Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #73


Most consumer drones are of the quadcopter or other related types.  Now there is a 3d printable blimp drone.

Why the crowd funded Zano drone failed.

The Loon drone can fly, float and swim underwater.

The micro drone 3.0 is one of the smallest drones out there.  Here's a review.

The Drone Racing League wants to become the next NASCAR.  And here's a bit more on the drone racing league.

A drone is used to to explore crevasses in glaciers.

You do not control the airspace over your property.

Police in the netherlands have started training eagles to take down misbehaving drones.

Self Driving Cars:

The younger generation of Americans is seemingly more ready for self driving cars than we old folks.

Will self driving cars kill the auto insurance industry?

Are self driving cars a privacy nightmare?

London will be deploying driverless pods as a trial this summer.  Will they supplant the traditional London Cab?

The Dutch, though, beat the Brits to trying out a driverless shuttle.

Porsche says NO to self driving cars.

OTOH, Jaguar Land Rover is investing in a 'living lab' for their self driving cars.

Some regular British roads are being outfitted as test courses for self driving cars.

 3d Printing:

Carima claims to have the world's fastest 3d printer.

3d printing clothing again!

There are apparently 3d printers for clay.

There is a race to try to scan the world's monuments before terrorists have a chance to blow them up like in Afghanistan.

GM has reorganized to make a specific group for electric and self driving cars.

RADARs can now be 3d printed.

Some desktop 3d printers emit harmful gases and particles.

Stryker, the medical device company, has established a 3d printing facility.

How to build your own DIY concrete printer.

Here's a quick review of the 3d printers at CES 2016.

Supposedly, there will be a filament rather than powder based 3d metal printer unveiled this year.

Also, it may be possible to take 2d photographs and turn them into 3d printed models.

A South Korean company has developed an industrial sand casting/3d printer.


Teaching Atlas to clean.

Hubo was getting a lot of attention at Davos.

How to make anthromorphic bots more like people, physically.

The Russians claim to be working on telepresence robots for use in space...to be launched in the 2025 time frame.

Google's delivery drones may have a counterpart that will park itself in your garage so as to protect packages from theft.

The mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope were installed by robots.

Here's more on the Japanese robo lettuce farm.  The one that will harvest 30k head of lettuce daily.

 Lessons from the Amazon picking challenge.

Teaching robots how to assemble things with 3d vision.

Robohub digs into the innards of a Kiva bot.

Another soft gripper has been developed.


A-Gear is a passive exoskeleton.

Exoskeletons must be getting really close to main stream if the DIY guys are doing them.


A 3d printed titanium 'bone' replaced a metacarpal in a Bangkok hospital operation.

Tantulum is showing promise for 3d printed hip and other bone replacements.

Here's the story of the neurologist that 'hacked his brain' and nearly paid a high price for it.

Software bots:

Google DeepMind project has written a bot that beat a master at the game of Go.   And here.  And why it matters.

Some are trying to use machine learning to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Should we treat brain mimicking AI as a human?

A software bot has learned to recognize human emotions.

DARPA ran competitions to both generate and negate twitter bots.

Economics & Philosophy:

47% of jobs in the US are in danger of being obsoleted by the Robopocalypse.   If you think that's bad, 69% are threatened in India and 77% are threatened in China.

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