Friday, February 12, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #68

Fighting in Syria continues.  Between February 4 to February 11, the Russians conducted 510 air strikes.  

The Russians claim the US conducted an airstrike (or more) on Aleppo on February 10th.  The US says Russia is lying.

A Russian Su-34 has been shown flying with an antiship missile. 

The Russians have proposed a ceasefire between all factions except Daesh and al'Nusra on March 1st.  The US has demanded an immediate ceasefire.

That would not work into Russia's plans.  They are currently helping a faction of the Kurds take an airbase in Northern Syria.  This faction is VERY unfriendly to the Turks.  Big surprise.

The Syrian rebels are stating the Russian air strikes MUST stop for peace talks to proceed. 

Turkey is stating the Russians are conducting ethnic cleansing around Aleppo.

My bet is the Russians will not start their ceasefire until after Aleppo is taken by Assad. 

The Russians are warning if any other foreign troops intervene in Syria, it might "start a world war."  Or at least perpetual war.

The Saudis are considering sending ground forces into Syria.  The Iranians are mocking them for saying so, calling them cowards and having an army ill equipped to fight an irregular war.  A Saudi intervention would upend the apple cart in every way and make life very complicated, even more so than the mess now, in attempting to end the war.

An Assadite minister has stated the Russians are brokering local deals between the rebels and Assad's faction.

France is calling on Russia to stop backing Assad.  I think that's pretty pointless since there's no way that will happen.

The Turks specifically rejected the flight the Russians wanted to fly for the Open Skies Treaty because they wanted to fly near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Russia may restart flights to and from Egypt in the first half of this year.

Russia is simplifying the visa regime for Iranians and will be selling Su-30 fighters to Iran as well.  Iran considered and rejectd the Chinese J-10.

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