Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #71

Watch Russian cluster bombs hit Aleppo.  I don't facebook, so sharing this is broken for me.

Russian missile strikes have hit hospitals and schools in Aleppo, causing 50 civilian deaths.  Turkey has declared these to be war crimes.  The US has condemned the strikes.  The Syrian ambassador in Moscow blamed the US for the strike on the hospital.  Russia denied responsibility and even stated its Caspian flotilla, source of many of its missile strikes, didn't do the deed either.  Or its warplanes either.

Russia has deployed its most sophisticated spy plane to Syria. 

Russian fighters frequently shadow German Tornado fighters doing recon over Syria.

The Kurdish forces that are being shelled by the Turks have captured a town apparently held by Islamist forces near Aleppo.

Russia has asked the UN Security Council to consider Turkey's shelling of the Kurdish areas in Syria.

Turkey has started building the case for ground operations with its allies in Syria.

The Russians are stating its likely direct clashes and fighting between Russia and Turkey will result from Turkey's ground operations.

Merkel is making vague statements in support of a no fly zone.  Riiiiiiiight, lady, you're not willing to take on the Russians anywhere and now you expect they will respect a no fly zone?  *snork*

Poland is deploying F-16s in a recon role in Syria.

What is the proper narrative for Russia in Syria?  Quagmire?  Victory?  Or...?

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