Sunday, February 14, 2016

Scalia's Dead: Oh boy (part II)

So the Republicans have come out to state Obama should NOT nominate a replacement.  This was stated by McConnell and the various candidates for president.

However, the White House has come out to state Obama will be nominating a candidate as soon as the Senate is back in session.  The White House has also stated it expects the Senate to do its constitutional duty.

This is going to get scary.  However, I think the Republicans are going to get screwed by doing this.  They are going to be labeled as obstructionist (true) and failing to do their jobs (also true).  Both of these will NOT go over well with independent voters, the ones they need for the presidential election.  The longer the Senate delays, the worse it will get and the worse it will be for the Repub chances for November.  

However, its going to be a fecal storm in the mean time.

If Scalia meant to flip us all off, he did a good job.  Or prevent the Trump from winning for that matter.

Well played, Justice Scalia.  Well played.

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