Monday, February 01, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #22

On Saturday, Jan 30, 2016, the USS Curtis Wilbur sailed within 12 nm of the Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea, in this case, Triton Island in the Paracel Islands.

McCain and Forbes are pleased with action.

The Chinese have stated the American destroyer violated Chinese law with its sail-by.  They have strongly condemned the action.  China has called the sail-by "unprofessional."  China says the US is seeking hegemony over the South China Sea and reminded foreign ships to respect Chinese law when in 'Chinese waters.'

What the potential outcome of the The Hague's ruling might be on the dispute between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea could be.  Some are saying the Philippines' claims in the South China Sea are dubious.

Kerry tried to get Cambodia to stand with the other nations in South East Asia against China's claims.  The Cambodians have declined.

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