Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Terminator Times #2


South Korea and Israel are collaborating on a VTOL drone.

Finland has starting patrolling its border with Russia with drones.

Iran's own Shahed-129 UCAV is conducting air strikes in Syria.  Or maybe not.

Turkey's Anka UAV has had its first maiden flight.

The British have confirmed, after lots of back and forth on the validity of the purchase, of the acquisition of the Zephyr 8 high altitude UAV.

An armed American Predator UCAV crashed in Turkey.

The CEO of Northrop Grumman expresses the opinion that truly autonomous UCAVs have a long ways to go.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles:

Israel has developed an optionally manned boat called the Seagull for anti surface and anti submarine missions.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles: 

The US Army is working on self driving trucks for logistics use.  And a bit more on the subject.  This summer the US Army will be sending 175 self driving trucks in a convoy in Michigan to test out the technology on I69.

Some are getting a little worked up over Russia's work on robotic ground combat vehicles.  As are others.  Some, strangely one that is noted for hyping things, has suggested the hype is overblown.

iRobot is selling off its military division.


The head of unmanned systems for the US Navy wants technology to be delivered faster and differently than in the past.

The US may need to invest more in robotics to fight Russia and China.

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